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CN-2426114-Y: 直接热交换的装置 patent, CN-2426919-Y: 全方位多功能组合式锚杆钻装机 patent, CN-2427445-Y: Hand carried box with inward-folding end closure patent, CN-2427494-Y: 一种粉尘输送机 patent, CN-2428219-Y: Homogeneous liquid-spraying device patent, CN-2428475-Y: 半导体制冷水箱 patent, CN-2428665-Y: Stainless-steel aluminium-plastic composite tube patent, CN-2428952-Y: 多用途可调混沌磁脉冲、电场、声场生物处理机 patent, CN-2429186-Y: 一种新型注射器 patent, CN-2429379-Y: Leakageproof device for flexible pipe in vehicle patent, CN-2430303-Y: Pedal free clutch controller patent, CN-2431516-Y: Multifunctional hot-air aid for bathing patent, CN-2431935-Y: Artificial pneumatic toy patent, CN-2432019-Y: 一种测力机器人 patent, CN-2433052-Y: 超市型家用组合工具 patent, CN-2433203-Y: 瓶盖 patent, CN-2434089-Y: Mini eye guard arranged on handle on welding tongs patent, CN-2434118-Y: Appts. for mfg. restoring jar base patent, CN-2434197-Y: Saddle shock-proofing device for bike patent, CN-2434476-Y: 热风熔接机上压轮传动链条的张紧机构 patent, CN-2434482-Y: 液化气钢瓶专用气液两相角阀 patent, CN-2434822-Y: Drum-like bias permanent magnet magnetic extension displacement actuator patent, CN-2435170-Y: 用于熔模铸造的流道模胎 patent, CN-2435652-Y: Horizontal heating stove patent, CN-2435934-Y: Multi-function mosquito-killing lamp patent, CN-2436089-Y: 多功能清洁器 patent, CN-2436180-Y: 改良的踏步机的油压杆结构 patent, CN-2436248-Y: Prestressing locked assembling roller patent, CN-2436405-Y: Sub-pump for hydraulic brake of bicycle patent, CN-2436763-Y: Air sag type water cutting off machine patent, CN-2437432-Y: 一种用于直、斜齿圆柱齿轮砂型铸造的起模齿套板 patent, CN-2437949-Y: Structurally improved LED lamp patent, CN-2437960-Y: Simple shade fluorescent lamp bracket patent, CN-2438611-Y: Wagon for selling goods patent, CN-2438741-Y: Washing machine with automatic telescoping casters patent, CN-2440669-Y: Twin curves drawing instrument patent, CN-2440810-Y: Sewage processor patent, CN-2441358-Y: 折合式野餐桌椅之改良 patent, CN-2441392-Y: Mosquito net patent, CN-2442372-Y: 牵引电磁铁 patent, CN-2442571-Y: 组合型旅行筷盒 patent, CN-2442806-Y: Vibration type sawing device patent, CN-2442840-Y: 双带式书本皮 patent, CN-2443065-Y: Pressurized toilet patent, CN-2443106-Y: 门用机械密码锁 patent, CN-2443546-Y: AC 36V human induction switch patent, CN-2443584-Y: Improved retarding mechanism for tiller patent, CN-2443698-Y: 电热鞋架 patent, CN-2443855-Y: 椭圆规 patent, CN-2444720-Y: 四爪式皮带轮拆卸工具 patent, CN-2444997-Y: Automatic electric control cabinet for water supply patent, CN-2445331-Y: Actual effect kilo-watt-hour meter box for avoiding electric burglar patent, CN-2446296-Y: Engine oil-way magnetizer with even magnetic force and easy to clean patent, CN-2447005-Y: Bar-bell disc patent, CN-2447180-Y: Standard examination paper sealing file patent, CN-2447470-Y: Mechanical vertical parking machine driving chain unit patent, CN-2449692-Y: 一种按摩治疗机 patent, CN-2450276-Y: Cylindric floor drain patent, CN-2450679-Y: Optical structure patent, CN-2450980-Y: Holder for disposable cup patent, CN-2452560-Y: Non-falling-over type sand bag for training use patent, CN-2453444-Y: Solid immunoassary test paper based-on antigen-antiboby reaction principle patent, CN-2453669-Y: Improved structure of gardening shears patent, CN-2453818-Y: Multifunction soap case patent, CN-2454519-Y: 铁卷门的门片与卷轮装置 patent, CN-2455090-Y: Anti-rotary shoes for patient of femur neck fracture patent, CN-2455554-Y: Passing-by style wheels positioning inspecting table patent, CN-2455945-Y: Gas ducting mechanism for miniature pump patent, CN-2457240-Y: Vacuum air control delay water valve patent, CN-2457338-Y: 油井加入固体药剂的井下工具及井口设备 patent, CN-2458548-Y: Air purifying aerator patent, CN-2459206-Y: 车辆防滑装置 patent, CN-2459252-Y: 自行车水壶置放架的组合装置 patent, CN-2459645-Y: 浅海时间系列沉积物捕获器 patent, CN-2459841-Y: 超动态扩展器 patent, CN-2460196-Y: 一种带有与容器旋转轴线不同轴心搅拌装置的混合机 patent, CN-2460427-Y: Folding bicycle running by foot pedal patent, CN-2460494-Y: 卸料小车自动行车装置 patent, CN-2461472-Y: Mop able to fast dry ground patent, CN-2463907-Y: 智能卡显示装置 patent, CN-2465132-Y: Oil (gas) combustion pipe type dryer patent, CN-2465603-Y: Environmentally friendly chopsticks patent, CN-2466310-Y: Corner assembly patent, CN-2467487-Y: 塔式起重机拉杆滑轮平衡装置 patent, CN-2467627-Y: Anti-seismic apparatus for reinforced concrete structure beam column joint patent, CN-2467836-Y: 有利于形成膜流态下流水的立管 patent, CN-2467959-Y: 节能供热锅炉 patent, CN-2469339-Y: 一种民用速热节能采暖炉 patent, CN-2469819-Y: Temp. -controlling rack-type covering quilt patent, CN-2470699-Y: Electromagnetic stove patent, CN-2470747-Y: Super-conductive liquid medium multifunction electric heater patent, CN-2471548-Y: 一种阅卷备忘板 patent, CN-2471740-Y: 预防口腔传染卷烟盒 patent, CN-2471960-Y: 带有内置式汽车冷车启动电热器的发动机 patent, CN-2472807-Y: 钢铁粉末混料机 patent, CN-2473497-Y: Air conditioner with burning heater patent, CN-2474153-Y: Drip injection counter patent, CN-2474690-Y: Aluminium plastic composite horizontal open window patent, CN-2475160-Y: 干线分线端子 patent, CN-2475960-Y: Combined ionization thermoinductor patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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